Account Questions
Will I get spam e-mail messages if I sign up?
Who can participate in your site?
Can I sign up to your site more than once?
What does it cost to sign up?
What is the minimum age to participate?
What is my referral ID?
Can I close my account?
Can I sign up from a shared or public computer/internet connection?
What are my credit/referral requirements?
What is a completed referral?
Can my referrals be roommates or someone that lives with me?
How do I get or find referrals?
What are the bank credits that are shown on my status page?
How do I obtain bank credits?

Offers/Credits Questions
I'm missing credit for an offer. What do I do?
What can I do to help ensure I receive credit for the offers I complete?
Do you receive information that I submit to an advertiser when completing an offer?
I have referrals that have partial credits. Can I combine them into one referral?
I completed too many credits on a site of yours. What can I do with my excess credits?
What do I do if I have questions about a specific offer?
How long does it take to receive credit for an offer I completed?
How many times can I complete a specific offer?
How long does a missing credit request take to process?
My referral did not receive credit for their offer. What do I do?
How do I view the full headers of an e-mail?

Order Questions
Once I have met the requirements for my gift, how do I obtain my free gift?
Do you allow multiple orders?
Do I need to complete additional offers after I submit an order?
How long does it take to verify an order I submit?
When will I receive my gift?
What is a custom order?

General Questions
How can you afford to give away free gifts?
Are you legitimate?
Where can I learn more about your other sites?
How can I contact you?
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I sign up to your site more than once?

A: Unfortunately, no. As stated in our Terms & Conditions, we only allow one account per person and per household. However, you are more than welcome to sign up on each specific site of ours provided you use the same e-mail each time (e.g. Cash, BigCash, One, etc).