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Welcome to our website!


Advertising Guidelines

- Advertising may not imply an endorsement, partnership or affiliation of any kind with ZipNadaZilch. Terms such as “We Pay Daily” are prohibited as they imply a partnership.
- Spamming others under any circumstance is prohibited.
- Promoting the use of prepaid/gift cards is strictly prohibited.
- Any advertising that is not public (e.g. private groups on Facebook) will require free unrestricted access by ZipNadaZilch to verify the context of your advertising.
- Misleading others via deceptive advertising in any way, shape or form is prohibited.

Examples of deceptive advertising include, but is not limited to the following:
i. Advertising our website as any sort of “job” or “employment”
ii. Making unrealistic claims (e.g. “You can make $500 today!”)
iii. Masking (also known as iframing) your referral link

Violation of any of the guidelines above will result in your account being suspended. If you have any concerns over the material or page(s) you are using to promote our website, please contact us so we can review everything for you.

Other Important Guidelines to Remember

- Only one account is allowed per household, per person and per IP address (internet connection).
- Users may not sign up or sign in from a public area such as a workplace, college campus, or library.
- Walk-throughs are not permitted, meaning you may not instruct or suggest to others which offers to participate in.