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Welcome to our website!

July 2013 Raffle Winners

Below is a list of winners for our July 2013 raffle. To see if you were entered in this drawing, you may click here and enter your e-mail address in all lowercase. Their system will let you know if you were entered, and rather or not you were chosen as a winner.

1st: Gary R.
2nd: Charles M.
3rd: Deonne B.
4th: Violetta R.
5th: Jamine G.
6th: Amy H.
7th: Eric D.
8th: Morris L.
9th: Michelle B.
10th: Michael R.
11th: Che F.
12th: Andrew R.
13th: Amanda S.
14th: Angela F.
15th: Melinda S.
16th: Sarah G.
17th: Tara W.
18th: John S.
19th: Michelle D.
20th: Jason W.
21st: Maritza A.
22nd: Edward P.
23rd: Sara I.
24th: Brad S.
25th: Laci O.
26th: Ciara S.
27th: Lashonda H.
28th: Jeremy H.
29th: Derrick J.
30th: Vernitra T.
31st: Desmond S.
32nd: Kelly D.
33rd: Marc B.
34th: Marie L.
35th: Bryant W.
36th: Kristine H.
37th: Krystye G.
38th: Anthony H.
39th: William C.
40th: Joseph B.
41st: Luis C.
42nd: Tonda C.
43rd: Erik C.
44th: La Reice W.
45th: Emily V.
46th: Tara L.
47th: Lindsey R.
48th: Robert C.
49th: Sal A.
50th: LaKesha W.
51st: Bryan W.
52nd: Lucy N.
53rd: Krista B.
54th: Rochelle G.
55th: Dana N.
56th: Coral R.
57th: Sharmin H.
58th: Shirley M.
59th: Marie A.
60th: Krystal T.
61st: Almamy B.
62nd: David S.
63rd: DeAsia J.
64th: Crystal G.
65th: Shawna P.
66th: Philetus R.
67th: Chris S.
68th: Mohammad K.
69th: Siegel Y.
70th: David R.
71st: Emmanuel D.
72nd: Raphael T.
73rd: Vincent L.
74th: Amanda P.
75th: Elizabeth B.
76th: Carolyn J.
77th: Mac M.
78th: Crystal J.
79th: Gary B.
80th: Sheila D.
81st: Krystal S.
82nd: Katelyn R.
83rd: Bradley H.
84th: David H.
85th: Rebecca O.
86th: Cathleen T.
87th: Keder C.
88th: Nicole S.
89th: Ann R.
90th: Carrie M.
91st: Sherri D.
92nd: Steve G.
93rd: Kyle P.
94th: Cristie H.
95th: Jennifer W.
96th: Michelle L.
97th: Patrick C.
98th: Fredrick J.
99th: Brooke C.
100th: Christopher D.