August & September 2017 Promotions

  • #1

    Bonuses on All Orders

    Simply put, all of your orders during August & September will receive a HUGE 35% bonus! This means you'll receive $54 instead of $40, $81 instead of $60 and so forth!

    Note: You will not see this bonus added onto your order until it's been completed (paid to you).

    Full Breakdown
    Single: $10 -> $13.50
    Budget, Double, One & Quick: $20 -> $27
    BluRay, Easy, Simple & Two: $30 -> $40.50
    Cash, Gifts, iPhone, iPods, PayPal, Playstation & Wii: $40 -> $54
    BigCash & Games: $60 -> $81
    DoubleCash & Xbox360: $80 -> $108
    AllinOne: $130 -> $175.50

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    Referral Bonuses

    Based upon positive feedback received we are continuing our referral bonuses for another two months! During August & September you'll earn 10% of what your referrals do, paid directly to your PayPal account! When a referral of yours has an approved order we'll automatically add an order to your account with the prize Referral Bonus.

    NOTE: You must manually enter yourself into this promotion! You can enter by going to your Profile page on any of our sites. Additionally, orders for referral bonuses will not earn the 35% bonus or bank credits.

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    Guaranteed Crediting

    If you are missing credit for an offer, simply submit a valid* missing credit request into us and we'll credit your request out of pocket, no limits! *For a missing credit request to be valid, you must have the original confirmation e-mail from the advertiser, with full headers and any other information our affiliate requires. Any missing credit requests sent into us that does not include this information will be sent to our affiliate for review.